Site Security And Termination Consulting

Human Resource and Corporate Security professionals are often forced to deal with workplace issues that necessitate security precautions. The proper handling of pre-employment background screenings and employee terminations are critical elements in corporate safety. Allied Intelligence has decades of experience in employee termination consulting and protection. We can provide agents to control building access, monitor for intruders or be nearby during terminations. As always, our agents remain discrete throughout the entire process while maintaining vigilance and readiness to act should the situation escalate.

Should the need arise, Allied Intelligence can also assist you with threat analysis to determine if a threat is credible and what actions should be taken to mitigate risk.

Our focus on corporate safety also encompasses residential and office security surveys in which we analyze all aspects of the security measures in place on premises, and make recommendations for improvements. A Security Vulnerability Assessment is a great first step in taking a proactive approach to your company’s safety.