Armed Intruder & Workplace Violence Training

The potential for violence is an unfortunate reality in today’s workplace. Predicting and preventing this violence is virtually impossible, so corporate focus has shifted to preparation. By properly training employees, your company can help to minimize the impact of a violent incident.

Allied Intelligence provides corporations with effective, easy to understand, steps for employees to take in order to protect themselves and others. Our training is designed to help employees recognize warning signs of potential violence in the workplace, educate them on how to respond to and report the potential violence, and give them feasible response options should they actually become involved in a violent encounter. Instructors are trained law enforcement and medical professionals with vast experience in teaching the principles of countering and surviving an attack. We understand the important difference between a trained professional and an average citizen who is forced into a high-stress situation. Teaching your employees to react quickly and effectively can mean the difference between life and death.

Training courses:

  • Active Shooter/Armed Intruder
  • Cpr/Aed/Trauma Response
  • Workplace Violence Prevention/Response
  • Train-The-Trainer
  • Self-Defense Training