Event & Meeting Security

With 35 years as a global leader in professional security management and event security, Allied Intelligence can assess your specific needs and provide the appropriate level of security services for sales meetings, political fundraisers, board meetings, shareholder meetings, international events, incentive trips and more. Our special events management team is comprised of law enforcement, military and medical professionals with specialized skill sets to mitigate security risks, guard assets, diffuse emergency situations and protect your company’s intellectual property and professional image.

We take pride in our agents’ professionalism, friendliness and discretion. Our agents understand how to operate in a low-profile manner and blend into the corporate environment while still remaining vigilant. We understand that a security presence must be coupled with a polite, dignified approach. Allied’s medically trained agents are experts in their field and approach every medical situation with care and compassion, respecting the individual’s privacy in all circumstances. When difficult security situations arise, our goal is to always approach the situation with consideration and respect to all involved and with a focus on your company’s reputation. We understand that we are an extension of your organization.

Our team operates as an extension of your event staff—working together to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees, and ensuring a successful event through logistics management, liaison services with local authorities, security teams and vendors, discrete responses to security and medical situations, and protection of both persons and intellectual property with a friendly, caring approach.