Employment Background Investigations

Our background investigations can encompass all 50 states and can range from basic screenings to in-depth investigations. We also recommend recurrent screenings to ensure an employee’s conduct away from work continues to mirror the expectations of your company.

Our basic background investigation assumes one individual, having resided in one state/county, with no aliases. We search for criminal convictions, SSN validity, OFAC terrorist watch-list, and sex offender registry.

A more in-depth investigation on a similar individual mentioned above includes criminal convictions, driving record, a SSN report for SSN validity/previous addresses/previous phone numbers/vehicle ownership history/professional licenses/potential spouses/potential business associates/possible neighbors/bankruptcy filings and civil suits. It can also include an education-check to ensure a listed university degree is valid.

Our most thorough investigation includes the above listed items but also incorporates a Multi-State (National) Criminal Database Search, Federal Criminal Search, Global Blacklist Search, Behavioral Analysis Interview (often via Skype), Pre/Post Interview Consultations and Background Analysis conducted by an industry expert.

The pricing for the above investigations may vary slightly if the individual has lived in numerous states or, in some cases, numerous counties within one state (i.e. California which charges by county). These, along with additional aliases/SSN’s, etc., may necessitate further investigation at an additional cost which would be submitted to the client for approval, prior to proceeding.

The above investigations will generate reports from the respective databases searched. If desired, those reports will be provided to you along with any of our observations pertaining to the findings.