Safe Travel Personal Profile Kits

For most people, preparing for international travel consists of packing everything we could potentially need on our trip – clothing, passport, cell phone, laptop, hairdryer, makeup, shoes, and more. We tell our families and colleagues where we are staying and what we are planning to do on the trip. But what happens when the unexpected happens? Most travelers, and their families, are ill-prepared for emergencies while travelling.

Our SAFE TRAVEL PERSONAL PROFILE KITS provide peace of mind for travelers, families and companies by serving as a central data-collection point accessible in an emergency. The Safe Travel Kit is completed by the traveler and compiles a wide variety of information essential to first-responders/investigators for notification, treatment and response to a traveler’s emergency. Information stored in the Safe Travel Kit helps to reduce overall response time for medical emergencies, accidents, kidnappings, missing persons, fatalities/identifications and criminal investigations. Copies of the Kit can be provided to the traveler’s company (HR), family and friends who can utilize the Kit to help the traveler when the traveler can’t help themselves.

NOTE – Allied Intelligence does not keep a copy of the kit or any information provided therein.