Cyber Security

Information Systems Vulnerability Assessments

Information systems security assessments help gauge overall posture and identify potential vulnerabilities in Wireless Services, Web Applications, Networks, Firewalls, Operational Controls, Infrastructure, and the safety of both physical assets and data. Our experts will review current operations, examining all aspects of perimeter protection, to identify gaps where improvements can be made and to ensure cyber security requirements are not just met, but exceeded.

Information Security Consulting

Allied Intelligence cyber security consulting is built on nearly 30 years of technology and security expertise to help you evaluate, audit, and drive compliance requirements effectively and efficiently. We will define a strategy and tactical planning for your information system’s operational direction, threat intelligence, monitoring, and regulatory compliance.

Computer & Mobile Forensic Services

As a licensed private-investigations entity, the Allied Intelligence team of forensic experts can work with your organization’s HR and legal team to identify, isolate and compile evidence of computer crimes. The proper collection and handling of forensic evidence is not only essential in litigation, but also in learning how to detect and prevent future occurrences.