Online Research/Threat Analysis

Online open-source research is conducted by analysts who are familiar with search methods applicable to current internet practices. Our internet research analysts are highly trained professionals within the law enforcement community who specialize in investigations via open-source materials found online. Their ability to anonymously explore the depths of the internet has proven successful in countless cases. From a one-time search to recurrent monitoring, our analysts can help you remain in front of a potential threat and allow you to prepare accordingly. Reports are generated in bulletin format, showing web addresses/links, relevant photographs, text and the analyst’s comments pertaining to specific items as needed.

Allied Intelligence can also assist you in determining the validity of a specific threat made via the internet, over the phone, by email, in person, or in writing. Often times, threats are made to intimidate and do not require action. Others may be a true warning of imminent danger and necessitate escalation in physical protection. Our team works directly with expert forensic psychiatrists who can evaluate the threat and suggest appropriate actions. We will work with you to quickly address the threat while monitoring for new developments and suggesting protective measures as needed.